How to verify documents for NRC final list.

  1. Testing of Genealogy is a method of determining the validity of the legacy data used by the applicants. By this methods, all of the applicants of the same ancestral lineage will be seen in details unless there is a similarity, the applicant/defendant submitting the information of the birth of a father of the same ancentor/ legacy person will be called at the place of introduction of t6he deduction for the purpose of explaining the reasons for not having a similarity.


2. Name of the family in the name of the name/title change after the marriage, not to mention the name of any member of the family for an ignorance, the actual miscreants due to the marriage will be clarified during the time of solicitation.

3. The proseduing place is near as per as possible to the residual residency of a large number of legacy.As the applicant should be present in the presidency, the NRC personal will be required to go to their homes and make necessary notifications. The information will be mention I the detail where the applicant must be present in the information, place, date and time.

4. There are no fears of applicants receiving the circulars because this notice sheet does not mean to be considered suspicious or excluded from NRC. This method is an opportunity to protect the legacy data method of every citizen and to prevent the attempt to include the NRC illegally by the unscrupulous people.


5. Some applicants, who are included in the partial draft NRC already published to prevent the misuse of their legacy data for the dishonest purpose, may be present in the presidency and issued noticed to give evidence.

6. The applicants, who have been asked to attend the genealogy examination in the proceeding, have been asked to bring together their photo identity and supporting document. They will be able to bring their brother and sisters support to their father’s claim

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