Top 5 Haunted places in Assam


to 5 hunted places of assam


Jatinga  Village is located in Dima Hasao district of Assam. It is the south of Guwahati from 330 km. Its current population around 2500. This village is famous for the unexplained phenomenon of birds committing suicide during the moonless dark night. Most of the birds are visiting this area  and these birds are committing suicide between 6 pm to 9 pm. Jatinga is one of the “top 5 hunted places in assam“.


hunted lodge pics


Jorhat is a second largest city and one of the fastest growing cities of Assam. The hunted lodge in Jorhat is the most hunted place in Jorhat. People are caring the lodge who claimed that there are some unnatural activities like screeching noise of laugh and also found many types of a symbol in different places of the lodge. Many people are visited in this lodge who also claimed that there are some unnatural activities here.


khaspur road pics


Khaspur is 20 km away from Silchar one of the beautiful places of Assam. But after sunset, this beautiful area converts to the hunted area. The local people say after sunset there are some spirit is walking on the road and some people are visited on this place who are very scared and also say there is some spirit here.


doloo picnic pics hunted


Doloo is located 29 km away from Silchar. There are many picnic places in Silchar but Doloo picnic spot is the most hunted place. During daylight, this place looks very beautiful for its natural resources. But after sunset, this area turns into a hunted place. Some people visited for the picnic this area who said that there is a spirit walks around during the night. According to local people of this area, a few years ago some people are coming for picnic party and a boy among them who died by falling on a lake and his spirit walks around at night.


barkhola bridge hanted


There is a bridge in Barkhola which is hunted at every midnight. According to reports of people, there is a spirit of an old lady who walks around the bridge at midnight.

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