Top 10 Pubs in India

1.  Acer Pub, Mumbai


Acer pub was opened in 2008. It is located Dr E Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai. It places 6th floor of Four Season Hotel. This pub has many international brands of drink like, Johnnie Walker, Bacardi, Hennessy etc. and also food court

2.The Flying Elephant, Chennai


The Flying Elephant is a 2nd biggest pub in India. One of the most beautiful pubs in India with his vintage style. The pub has many brands of drink, Chivas Regal, Moutai, Moet etc.

3. Arbor Brewing Company, Bangalore


Arbor Brewing has located the middle of Bangalore, another beautiful pub of India. The pub has great food restaurant and also have famous beer brand like Buzzsaw IPA, Euchre Pils, Strawberry Blonde etc

4. PCO Bar, Delhi


PCO Bar is located in Delhi, Vasant Vihar. It is an American style and cocktail bar. It also has dancing floor with quality DJ. The bar also has family restaurant and many varieties of drinks

5.The Black Sheep Bistro, Goa


The Black Sheep Bistro is located in Goa, Panjim. It is a very popular pub in Goa. It has many varieties of Drinks like vodka, wine, cocktail, whiskey etc. and it also has a restaurant.

6. Roxy, Kolkata


Roxy is located in the Park Hotel Kolkata in West Bengal state. It is a very popular hotel bar having a design with conscious décor. It has a wide menu of drinks like wine, Vodka, whiskey and cocktails etc. It also has good and delicious food menu.

7. Local Gastro Bar, Pune


Local Gastro Bar is located on North main road in Pune of state Maharastra. It has dance club with wide dancing flour and very high-quality Dj.  The pub has delicious food menus with cheap and expensive drinks.

8. Prost Brewpub, Hyderabad


Prost Brewpub is located in the Jubilee Hills, Telangana, Hyderabad.  It is a well-decorated pub with popular Dj and dancing four. It has varieties of popular drinks like Red alert, Burnt, Cider Rider, Brewers and very good food menus.

9. Twist, Kerala


The twist Pub is located in CV Raman Pillai road in Karela. In this bar, there are many good delicious food menus and lots of unique drinks. The pub is very popular in Kerala because the majorities of the youngsters go To Twist Pub.

10. Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill, Guwahati


Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill is located in the Central Mall, G.SRoadd, Guwahati. It is the most popular bar in the Guwahati. The Pub has many expensive drinks and very good food menus. The Pub is family friendly but there is a very good Dj. It has also snooker or Pool club. The most important things of this Pub is Every Wednesday drinks are free for ladies.

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