Physiography of Asia


Asia is the largest continent in the world. It covers about 41.67 million sq. km. area i.e. one-third of the land surface of the earth. More than half of the population of the world are living on this continent


Asia extends in the east-west direction from 32 degrees East to 170 degrees west. The north-south extension of the continent is from 1 degree north latitude to 10 degree south latitudes. It extends for 9600 km. from east-west and for 8408 km. from north to south direction


In the north of the Arctic Ocean covers the northern boundary of Asia. In the east the Pacific Ocean. In the west of Europe, Mediterranean sea and Africa and in the south of Indian Ocean. The coastline of Asia is not very broken and the bays or gulfs are also few numbers.
Asia contains all types of landforms, from the highest mountain ranges in the world (Himalaya) to the lowlands below sea level like Jordan valley. Asia is full of mountains, hills and plateaus and also high and low plains of vast dimensions. Depending on the various landforms the continent can be broadly divided into seven natural regions.

(i) The vast north lowlands (ii) The central folded mountain and plateaus (iii) The western plateau region (iv)The Southern plateaus (v) The mountains of East Asia (vi) The river valleys and (vii) The coasts

The rivers of Asia

The rivers of Asia are of diverse nature. There are some big and some small rivers. Some are gentle and some are swift rivers. There is also some frozen river during winter seasons.1.The Ob, Yenisey and Lena of Russia have come out from the mountain of central and eastern Asia and fall in Arctic sea.
2. The Amur, Hwang Ho, Yangtse kiang and Si-Kiang come out from the eastern high mountain range of the continent and flow towards the Pacific Ocean
3. The Mekong, Menam and Irrawaddy have their sources in the southern mountains and flow towards the south China sea and Bay of Thailand.
4. The Brahmaputra and Ganga come out of the Himalaya and flow to the Bay of Bengal. The river Indus flows from the Himalaya and flows to the Arabian sea.
5. The river Tigris and Euphrates comes out of the highland of Asia minor and flow to the Persian Bay

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