Panchayat Bill in the Assembly 2018

 Some new aspect of the new law

  • The minimum educational qualification of candidates in the Gram Panchayat is the 6th grade
  • The minimum educational qualification of the Gram Panchayat is HSLC
  • The minimum educational qualification of the District Council President and District Council Member is HS
  • SC, ST, OBC and MOBC will not need to prove the educational qualifications


If there are more than two children, the panchayat election cannot be contested. To be eligible for panchayat elections, there must be certain educational qualifications. The decision was taken in this regard in the cabinet. Now, the issue of transparency in this matter was presented in the Assembly by the new Assam Panchayat (Amendment) bill 2018. In the Assembly, the bill was by the Minister of Panchayat and Rural Development (independent) Naba Kumar Doley.

When this bill became a law, without seeing the face of the school, those who were looking for the Panchayat candidates would fall in the sand. Because from now on to become a candidate for the Panchayat elections, the minimum 6th grade has to be passed. The toilet should be at home. Moreover, the parents having more than two children who cannot be elected in the panchayat elections. However, the Gram panchayat president must pass the minimum HSLC examination.

Minimum HS level has been set for the educational qualification of District Council President and District Council Members. Moreover, the compelled to stay home. Parents, having more than two children, cannot be eligible for the candidacy.

However, the bill has given a lot of exemption in the educational qualifications of SC, ST, OBC and MOBC candidates. It has been mentioned in the bill that in order to complete in panchayat elections, SC, ST, OBC and MOBC will not be required to prove the educational qualifications. However, in order to complete for Gram Panchayat president, the minimum eight grade has to pass. In the same manner, the SC, ST, OBC and MOBC’S District Council Presidential candidate must pass the minimum HSLC.


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