NRC Final list

The national process of renewal of citizenship (NRC) will be completed by June  30. However, the second and last draft of citizenship will be completed before 31st May 2018.


An additional one month has been fixed for the final draft of the citizens no fault defect without any interference, the renewal process should be continued.

The supreme court division Bench comprising justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Rohinton Fali Nasiman on Tuesday took the position. In the hearing of the case filed by the Assam public Workers, the state Home commissioner (NRC co-ordinator) Pratik Hazela wants an additional one month time for the publication of a perfect citizenship to the court. It gives central government and consent.

On behave of the centre, attorney general K.K benugopal told the court that the NRC co-ordinator submitted a report on the status of the citizenship process to the silled envelope. According to the Hazel report, 38.4 lakh applicants have completed the documents test till January 31.

After the first draft of NRC has been published.  That means, in order to publish the second and final citizenship of 2.28 crore applicants in the total of 3.28  crore applicants, the petition was filed by the attorney general to apply for the deadline till 31st July, but the judges of the division bench dismissed it. Even, if the final list of citizenship is not published by June 30, justice Ranjan Gogoi warns them that the registrar general of India and the NRC coordinator will be accountable to the court.

Significantly, attorney general K.K Benugopal and additional solicitor general Tushar Mehta tried to give back the time of publication of the second draft of the censorship by appearing on excuses. They expressed the danger of disrupting the work of citizenship by making arguments that they will require government employees for the panchayat or other state elections in march –april in the state.

Additional solicitor general Tushar Mehta said at the time that the issue of the law and order highlighted the issue of the demarcation deadline for the final release of the citizen. But the Judges of the division centre issued supreme directives in publicising the final draft of the citizenship by foiling the central and state arsenal. The judges declared that final citizenship will be published by June 30th.

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