Climates of Asia

The climates of Asia are of various types. The main factors influencing the climate of Asia are

(i) The location of the continent
(ii) It’s size
(iii) The high mountainous and plateau regions in its central parts
(iv) Long coastal line and influence of Oceans and seas
(iv) Wind direction and velocity. The climates of the continent various from region to region due to the variation of these factors

The continent covers an area from the equator to the North pole. Because of this the continent is characterized by various types of climates equatorial climate in South and Tundra climates in the extreme North

As Asia is a vast continent in the middle of it is more than 1000 km away from sea coasts. So the central part of the continent is known as the extreme climates or the dead heart of Asia. The winter is very cold and summers are very warm. So the extreme high and low pressure occur in the region


Equatorial Climatic Region Hot Desert Climatic Region
Monsoon Climatic Region
Chinese Climatic Region
Manchurian Climatic Region
Mediterranean Climatic Region
Mid-latitude Desert Climatic Region
Mid-latitude Extreme or Steppe Climatic Region
Cold Temperature or Taiga Climatic Region
Tundra Climatic Region

The high mountains and plateaus located in the central part of the continent prevent cold polar winds from blowing into the tropical regions or hot tropical winds from blowing into the cold northern regions. This also causes variation of rainfall

The moderating influence of the sea fall on the coastal areas of the continent

The enhances the influence of trade winds, west winds, land and sea breeze etc. on these areas. For this, the temperature and rainfall in the coastal regions are different from the inland regions

The warm Kuroshio current, which flows near the islands of Japan, reduces the intercity of cold in Japan

The factor described above are responsible for different of climates in different parts of the continent

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