Battle of Saraighat During Ahoms.

ahom battle

Invasion of Assam by Ramsingha

On hearing the wars of a defeat of Sayed Firuz Khan and the post of Guwahati, Aurangazeb, sent Raja Ram Singha of Amber. He was accompanied by Rashid Khan the former standard of Guwahati with a vast army and advanced towards Assam. He reached Rangamati in February 1669 A.D. Shortly afterword they arrived in Hajo.

Lachit Barphukan had been hurriedly prepared himself for resisting the advanced army of Ramsingha. To gain time he started negotiation for peace with Ramsingha simultaneously. Ramsingha insisted on Lachit to leave Guwahati without a fight. Ramsingha was defeated in several places Sualkuchi, Sessa, Rangmahal etc. But in the war of Alabai near Gaither. Ramsingha defeated the Ahom army very badly. Lachit lost all his ships. Raja Ramsingha agreed to negotiate for peace. The Ahoms also were tired of the war and hostilities were stopped for a time. After this war, Chakradhaj Singha died in April 1670 A.D.

Battle of Saraighat 1671 A.D

After the death of Chakradhvaj, his brother Udayaditya Singha ascended the throne of Ahom kingdom. Ram Singha, being victorious at the Alaboi battle, insisted on Lachit Barphukan to surrender Guwahati without a fight. Lachit Barphukan was ready to fight with Mughal with all preparations. Two battle was fought on land but their navy was forced to retreat. The army is demoralized and obliged to fall back. At this moment Lachit Barphukan, who was sick arrived with reinforcement. His arrival inspired the Ahoms with new enthusiasm. They now attacked the Mughals at Saraighat with renewed and strong vigor. In this war, Ramsingha was shamefully and seriously defeated on the river and land battle on 5th March 1671. This victory at Saraighat reatec the fati of the Mughal expeditions. Ramsingha became tired and weak he retreated to Rangamati, where he waited till 1676 to renew the attack again but he never gets that opportunity. It is the heroism and sense of duty of-of Lachit Barphukan that gained for the Ahoms the supreme victory at Saraighat. Shortly after this victory, Lachit Barphukan died. This battle established the boundary the Mughal and Ahom kingdom at Hadira opposite Goalpara.

Result of the battle of Saraighat

The victory Ahom soldiers at the battle of Saraighat very significant event in the history of India.

  1. This victory of the battle of Saraighat along with the rise of Maharatha hero Sivaji in the South contributed largely towards the fall of Mughal empire
  2. The Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur, who accompanied Ram Singha to Assam. Spread the news of heroism of Assamese soldiers all over India. He also encourages the anti-Mughal forces to rise against them at any opportune movement.


After the invasion of Mirjumla, Jayddhvaj Singh died. After him, chakraddhvaju Singh ascended the throne. Mughal envoys, Rashid Khan had also sent presents to the Ahom king on the occasion and he also took the opportunity to remind the king Chakradhvaj that the balance of indemnity was overdue. After some days Firuz khan, who was replaced Rashid Khan sent a strongly worded letter to the Ahom king demanding outstanding portion of indemnity. The king made up his mind to fight with them.

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