Assam Hills area.

hills of assam 2
Assam hills

In the middle of Assam, there is a highland and plateau region. It is located in between Brahmaputra and Barak plain. The northern part is Karbi plateau and the southern part is North Cachar Hill region. The Karbi plateau is a part of the Shillong plateau.


The Kopili and its tributary Jamuna and Dhansiri have eroded down many parts of the Karbi plateau. Its average height is 100-500 metre. There are two highest peaks of Karbi plateau-Singhasion (1359 metre) and Dambukso (1363 metre) There are small rivers. They are flowing down towards east west and south and north direction.

northeast assam hills
hills of Assam

The southern part of the Highland is the North Cachar Hills region. It is a part of Himalayan Ranges. There are some hills and mountains. In the central part, there is the Borail range. This range has some peaks- Laikei (1959 m.), Theirpibung (1866 m.) etc.

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