ARN Pending For Verification NRC Assam

What do you mean by ARN pending for verification in NRC?

ARN pending for verification means those application which is submitted for verification are not yet verified that means an application is under process. The verification process is ongoing.


Those applicant names are not included and showing member id not included or pending for verification that doesn’t mean that member will not get NRC or some of the family just one or two people included and rest are pending that also does not means that member will get NRC. You don’t have to be panic because of the verification process ongoing and this is not the final list of NRC.Those members which not included in this list their name will be included in the second list.

What is ARN?

ARN means Application Receipt Number.
ARN is a 21 digit number which is shown on the 4th page of the NRC application form. Those people which have the offline form submitted and a barcode right at the top.

If you want to check your NRC follow these link below-:




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