Advent of the Europeans in India

The Europeans countries had the relation from the very ancient time. Columbus discovers America. Portuguese navigator Bartholomew Minidiaz discovered a new route to India. Portuguese navigator Vasco-da-Gama discovered India and arrived at Calicut in 1498.- introduced new era

Portuguese in India

Portuguese navigator Vasco-da-Gama arrived at Calicut in 1498- established trade relations with the king of Calicut, Jamorin. They established trade center at many places of India. Ultimately they were defeated by the Dutch, and only Goa, Damon, Due were remained in their countries.
The Dutch in India
The Dutch were the rival of the Portuguese. They established trade centers in Muslipattam, Surat, pulicot etc.they drive the Portuguese from India.

The Danse in India

Like other merchants, from Denmark also some merchants came to India to establish trade centers. Their centers to the British in 1845.

Advent of the British

The British formed the East India Company in 1600 and received the permit for trade from Queen Elizabeth I. The first messenger Captain Hawkins came to the Mughal emperor Jehangir for the permission of trade in India. In 1668 King Charles II of England based out the Bombay to the East India Company. Sultan of Golkunda too gave a permit to the British. The British traders established may centers in India within a short time. They established the City Calcutta in West Bengal. Gradually the company that came to trade began to rule India after a very few years. After the great revolt of 1857, India came under the direct rule of England crown in 1858.

Advent of French

The French East India company established a factory in Surat in1668. In the beginning, this company established many trade centers in India. Gradually they had to face competition with the British trader. After sometimes they enlarged with the politics of local rulers of India and struggle for power. But ultimately French had given up their trade in India/. They were defeated by the British in the third war of Carnatic.
Struggle of the British for power I India-Downfall of other power and firm step of the British East India Company
British and French East India company had to struggle for a long time to establish their supremacy in India. They had to fight there successive Carnatic War- First war (1758-48),-second war –(1749-54) and the French was defeated by the British commander. After this war British company established themselves firmly to rule India.

Causes of the victory o the British and defeat of the French in Anglo-French struggle

There were many causes of the success of the English and the failure of the French in their struggle for supremacy in south India.

Self-sufficiency of the British Company

The British company was an autonomous body and Govt. Did not interfere much in its affairs. On the other hand, the French company was under the complete control of the French Government, which frequently interfered in all its activities in India. The British were much more superior military strength than the French company.
The conflict of the French government with Dupleix was no doubt a cause of their downfall.

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